Assurances for Investment

A two-party system dev. by Martin CJ Mongiello


The US military tops a recent poll conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life that asked Americans which vocations and occupations contribute "a lot to society's well-being." These results are consistent for the past 50 years with similar polls of Americans being questioned.

  1. Military 78%
  2. Teachers 72 %
  3. Physicians 66%
  4. Scientists 65%
  5. Engineers 63%
  6. Clergy 37%
  7. Artists 30%
  8. Journalists 28%
  9. Business Executives 24%
  10. Lawyers 18%


Often several investment partners who have never met are desirous of more assurances, from the 1. sweat equity investor who promises to work hard, to the 2. well-off investor with money, and the 3. investor who holds the trademark or patent.

All have risk associated with any deal.

While each has much to gain, any of the three parties can be ripped off or ruined by bad behavior or poor choices.  Consider investing with Bernie Madoff and his comments in meetings, "Well if you are really who you say you are, and check out with our forensic accountant and PI, we might infuse several million into the project.  It typically takes a team of our forensic accountants a week or two and we fly them in to go through your books." After another $6,000.00 dinner of wine and a show - you finally signed with Bernie (he is the former non-executive Chairman of the NASDAQ stock market) and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (I've got all the money so will try to intimidate you into not asking any questions about me - principle - or you get nothing, i.e. "we only investigate our would be clients")  Only to have his promised infusion be turned off mid-way into your project leaving you hanging in the wind as they took him away in handcuffs.  You and numerous other investors laid your reputations and entire life on the line.  Perhaps you never invested with Bernie and instead worked with Peregrine Financial Group Inc., commonly known as PFGBest?  "Russ was a close friend of the SECDEF and well known" they told you?  The G-8 flight was impressive as was skiing in Aspen at his eight million dollar lodge. 

If your project had met Bernie (or Russell), you would have realized THEN that he was extremely well known on Wall Street and actually had 50 million+ to his name.  He did not need any more money.  Yet he destroyed and is continuing to drag down dozens, hundreds, thousands of ripped of investors and sweat equity project teams.

For this reason, Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, a Private Investigator Instructor and owner with Aegis Security International and The MCM Security Group (companies he founded), a US Navy Anti-terrorist Squad Leader graduating first in his class from Police Academy and a Special Assistant for high-level investigations conducted by BlackOps units of the US Government - he developed the Mongiello Principle (TM) in 2009.   Mr. Mongiello's consistently was requested to utilize his cover of, "just the dumb, stupid cook in a white jacket in the kitchen," to his advantage on operations and missions and his cases were some of the highest level investigations in US Military and White House history - often of a very personal/private nature involving super-human personalities.  Mr. Mongiello taught bugging, tapping and surveillance to law enforcement officers and built spy vans for the states of AL and VA as part of special task forces, Governors Crime Task Forces and Drug Task Forces.  He worked with Sherwood, L.E.A., S.P.I. and Eric Dzielski and Kevin Murray of Murray Associates prior to departing to assignment by The Secretary of the Navy to the White House Military Office.  Investors often consider submitting to the Mongiello Principle and it includes facets that few con-artists in $8200.00 hand-tailored suits - will agree to.  

There are many ways for humans to say, "no."  The one most often employed is the deflective mechanism of laughter or anger at these requests - or they get up and walk out - or they claim they are ludicrous, childish and not the way Wall Street works - immediate signs that they are not who they pretend to be.  Some, or all facets are utilized in financial transactions today.  The combined power of all of them will mitigate your losses and any ensuing court actions.

  1. Self submission to licensed polygraph examination with questions provided by opposing parties.
  2. Secondary testing via voice stress analysis with a certified agent. 
  3. Forensic accounting teams visit and review any records of their choosing.
  4. Attorney to attorney depositions on file and questioning with report via Officer of the Court.  Can include deposing any number of colleagues at either company.
  5. Criminal punishment explained and attestation to - of all colleagues, notarized and conducted by an attorney of selection via the AAA involving an Officer of the Court.
  6. CPA to CPA period of review with report with CPAA agreed upon standards.
  7. LexisNexis® review and investigation dispatching a PI to each former county of residency.  FraudPoint Investigation by LexisNexis.
  8. DNA submittal for safeholding at law office involving an Officer of the Court. 
  9. DNA submittal for medical review (via 23 and me) and reports examining fitness.  No party desires to lose imporatant stakeholders over hidden DNA issues in a family stemming 500 years of same illness.
  10. Medical and blood examination for the heath of stakeholders coming in.  Often a new, thrid party examiner is brought in and "Executive Health Exams" are not allowed from the WSJ.
  11. Life insurance analysis and current levels examined, probed.
  12. Personal Financial Statement notarized and examined by a forensic accountant, at each bank personally by the accountant or a licensed Private Investigator.  Power of Attorney required.  Little to no records allowed to be submitted by any party.
  13. Required enrollment to one million USD+ with LifeLock for indentity theft and attack for each stakeholder.
  14. Examination by an investigator of security software and hardware used on all stakeholder systems including all home systems.  The WSJ reports (June 2013) the most unsafe employees in companies are "C" level executives causing massive, destructive damage in billion dollar networks of companies due to few safeguards for them and "raising their voice to threaten IT and CIO personnel.  Intimidation, bullying and a tremendous lack of education or user knowledge of computing systems (to the 2010 standard) while resting on an MBA from an Ivy league college from the 60's is the most typical culprit.
  15. Attorney party review of safety manuals, employee manuals, OSHA, MSDS and DOL standards with all HR Directors of each stakeholder to prevent illegal conduct or "flippant" attitudes towards FERPA, FMLA, Dodd-Frank, accountancy and safety standards.  Stakeholders have been brought down by the illegal behavior of others.
  16. Hair collection for drug usage analysis on a quarterly basis.
  17. Psychometric testing with report results analyzed by a licensed, APA Therapist at Resource Associates.
  18. Analysis and report from an APA Psychologist or Psychotherapist with report.
  19. Identity authentication via drivers license, military ID or state ID, passport and finger-printing.  LexisNexis® InstantID® will instantly verify over 400 million U.S. consumer identities and over 175 million business identities.  It is the only identity authentication solution endorsed by the American Bankers Association, delivers advanced tools and complies with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) multi-factor authentication rules and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act.  Worth its weight in gold. 
  20. Review of a dozen letters (exchanged between parties) of reference (LOR) from low ranking employees or submittal to questioning/interview.  In most cases employees at 30k per annum or less is best.
  21. Willingness to sign personal gaurantees for any contract.
  22. Corporate Eavesdropping Detection (TSCM) by Murray Associates for meetings or "high exposure events."
  23. Willing to sign a wage garnishment/property seizure letter in advance to be exercised on demand later.
  24. Nationwide Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Scan, A Nationwide Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Scan searches databases maintained by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the General Services Administration (GSA), and other federal agencies for sanction information. This search meets the government's minimum requirements for sanction screening as set forth in the OIG's Compliance Program Guidance. This search also reveals disciplinary actions taken by federal agencies as well as those taken by licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states.  Searches in the Nationwide Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Scan include:

    · Medicare & Medicaid Sanctioned, Excluded Individuals
    · Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
    · Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)
    · FDA Debarment Check
    · State Exclusion List
    · Office of Inspector General (OIG)-List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
    · Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
    · List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
    · General Services Administration (GSA)-Excluded Parties List

  25. USA Patriot Act Search, The Nationwide Patriot Act Search provides information on individuals and entities who have been sanctioned by the United States government, whose property may be blocked, and/or with whom no U.S. person may have dealings. This information is maintained by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).  Searches in the USA Patriot Act Search include:

  26. · Terrorism Sanction Regulations
    · Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
    · List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
    · U.S. Treasury
    · Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties


Adherence to the Mongiello Principle requires a large investment but is the strongest system promulgated, worldwide for investment packages, projects and wealth administration.