The Battle of Kings Mountain and Cowpens

History and events

Welcome to the seasonal ~ Battles & Events around Kings Mountain and Cowpens, Historic Symposiums of Speakers, Authors and Writers Live Skirmish with Cannon, Fire and Suttlers, Music, Marching and Tomahawk Competitions

We heartily welcome all reenactors and guests to join us throughout the year for our skirmishes, educational living history presentations, battles, school, college and museum appearances. You will also find us, along with other unit members, at Grand Openings and Ribbon Cuttings, as Pirates and Privateers, Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce Kings Mountain Business Showcase, the libraries and more. We have received extensive service from the Back Country Militia, Mongiello Associates Strategic Marketing firm, The Inn of the Patriots Bed and Breakfast, the American Revolutionary War Living History Center (ARWLHC), the KM TDA and Regal Ventures.

We produce assorted events highlighting American Revolutionary war history. We are not limited to precise recreations of the exact battle of Kings Mountain or Cowpens - hosting all other units in friendship (militia, Indians, French & English). We also have growing, loose, uniform standards headed towards complete authenticity. We do not engage in juried events or ripping down others. Our exciting portrayals and events are growing and expanding while not boasting or claiming to have every facet exact - or pinpoint correct. Rather, we are a group of disabled veterans from combat, war and military duty more interested in sharing and giving.

Bounties paid to units and cannon crews ~ please send us your financial requirements. Insurance during events is provided in full by the cities, event itself or policies we take out with Erie Insurance Company. All units attending must submit their safety standards as a .pdf for review by the respective city Police Department. The centerpieces of all we do - to spread our good, local history ~ are major events held every year. We explain and list these below as events we help at:

Our local Battle of Kings Mountain painting by Don Troiani. Please contact us for purchases as we are a fully licensed dealer. The American Revolutionary War Living History Center (ARWLHC) benefits from all purchases, plus you get 20% off of any Don Troiani selection! To review stock, choices and more simply examine all of the Don Troiani paintings here and then call us at 704-937-2940 to order.  The paintings and giclees ship directly to your home or office - THEY DO NOT come through us.  Your discount is available for any Troiani painting and from ANY collection - not just the Revolutionary War.

  • Since 2008 we've been busy with our painting series being put up on display, making films that have been nominated for an Oscar, bus tours unloading thousands of guests and guest speaker dinners like Scott Syfert, Rene Lyons and Joe Epley!
  • VICTORY’S TURN held during the Grover Pumpkin Festival.  Celebrated the two battles and surrounding events of Cowpens and King's Mountain
  • The Ferguson Repeating Rifle LIVE firing demonstrations and book signing of "Every Insult and Indignity" - by Ricky Roberts and Bryan K. Brown
  • A book signing and speech by Travis Bowman, "Hercules of the Revolution!"  The Italian/Portuguese American, PETER FRANCISCO
  • Pennsylvania Long Rifle Shooting Demonstrations by Lt. Colonel Frederick Hambright and his son, John Hambright of the South Fork Boys - see the LIVE firings!
  • Book signings by Robert Brown, Jr., "Kings Mountain and Cowpens - Our Victory was Complete."  Celebrating the two battles and surrounding events of America turning the war around...
  • Events hosted by Colonels Hambright (Hambrecht), Graham, Cleaveland, Williams and Major Chronicle with the South Fork Boys NC Militia. Location: An encampment on the grounds of the famed Inn of the Patriots in conjunction with The American Revolutionary War Living History Center (ARWLHC).
  • Not mentioning all items herein, but an additional EXPO for 2015 featured four prominent events related to local actions and battles.

Yorkville enquirer. (Yorkville, S.C.) 1855-2006, July 11, 1896, Image 2 - BATTLEGROUND PROPERTY"For the benefit of the committees appointed by the county board of commissioners, and others interested, The Enquirer has taken occasion to investigate the ownership of the King's Mountain battle ground property, and has succeeded in getting some information that is entirely satisfactory. By reference to page 765 of "Book D-2" in the clerk's office, it will be found that on April 15, 1880, in consideration of the sum of. 8197.50, the property was conveyed by W. L. Goforth A Co., to W. D. Simpson, governor of South Carolina; T. J. Jarvis, governor of North Carolina; Albert S. Marks, Asbury Coward, A. P. Campbell, A. F. Hambright (Doctor Alfred Frederick Hambright - owner of the mansion we are headquartered inside of), W. T. R. Bell, J. W. Garrett, B. F. Dixon, and their successors, to be held in trust until the incorporation of the King's Mountain Centennial association. The courses and distances by which the property may be located are as follows: ? 1 1-1* 1 .beginning at a wuiwotm. uu wc uuiw side of the branch, thence running S. 53 ?. 8i chains to a rock and pointers; thence S. 53 W. 464 chains to a rock; thence N. 53 W. 8| chains to a rock; thence N. 53 E. 49 chains, to the beginning, containing 394 acres. From this it would appear that not only is the ownership of the property settled; but its boundaries are definitely marked out, and the principal thing that remains for the committee appointed by the county board of commissioners to do, is to bring about a reorganization of the old King's Mountain Centennial association,' and to proceed to secure from the county or the States of North Carolina and South Carolina, such appropriations as may be sufficient to again place the historic spot in presentable shape."

Come celebrate with us at local festivals with pumpkin pie eating contests, rides, tomahawk throwing contests, blowgun and knife throwing contests, food, games, several all day long music bands, shows and pumpkin carving contests all day long! Also enjoy the Hatcher Hughes Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwrights Theater and Headless Horseman Carriage Rides. When Major Patrick Ferguson declared, "I will lay waste to this country with fire and sword," the Overmountain men of Colonels Sevier, Shelby, McDowell, McKissack, Johnston and Campbell joined them and took it as no idle threat. The rest is history.

Re-enactment camps, candle making, spinning, basket-making with original music are all fun concentric to the victories at King’s Mountain and Cowpens as well as this town being the place where Cornwallis invaded the North and Major Ferguson camped here. Dinner, drinks, hot showers, BBQ grill area and dining area (covered), black powder, hay, open pit area for cooking also, ice, private cabin for unit leaders, inside bathrooms in mansion, water, wood provided – two dinners and two breakfasts for all! Cash bounties paid to units, cavalry and artillery. Units can be as small as four persons doing all forms of acts or entertainment, dress or fighting. Looking to grow historic event. For more information please contact Martin CJ Mongiello at 704-937-2940 or at or visit our website at for event info, for lodging, and for association info. Suttlers welcome.

Ask about joining us for the 1776 Experience of a Lifetime Package, full combat dress up to the rank of a General, all weaponry included, no contact allowed with the world, no watches, no phones, no computer usage. Three days all inclusive with colonial B & B lodging for two (spouse can stay at B & B if you like) allows for one day of relaxation, all meals included, transportation +++

Some other recent successful events held:

The 230th Anniversary of the Battle of King's Mountain and Order of March, Saturday, October 9/10, 2010.  This was held with authentic camps, candle making, arts and crafts, cookery and more.  We camped overnight on the 9th at Long Creek Presbyterian Church, 701 Long Creek Road, Kings Mountain, NC 28086.  On the 10th, we had a service and a celebration with food as the church is also 230 years old!  Candlelight tours on the 9th (at dusk). Sunday the 10th: Hymn sing @ 10, Worship @ 11, Dinner @ 1, Historic Tours @ 2, Worship & Reminiscence @ 3, Tower of Mercy Concert @ 5.  Special 230th Anniversary show made for television airing by local production company.

The One Year Anniversary of the Gateway Trails, Kings Mountain, November 5 & 6, 2010  The trail head is located on a one-acre site about ½ of a mile south of Downtown Kings Mountain. The site is located at 807 S. Battleground Avenue at the corner of Quarry Road. Setup the night of the 5th and celebrated on the 6th with fun and festivities.  We have also fired the opening shots for the trails 5K races and celebrations for several years.

The First Ever Publicly Re-created Battle of Kings Mountain for the City of Kings Mountain, 2009  This event drew close to 35,000 spectators and included 10,000 spectators on the Jake Early Walking Track Field. Six cannons and numerous reenactors, actors and costumes were utilized to dramatic effect - it was heralded as a first ever event and heavily covered by the news, media, and press corps.

Pirate creators for the Beach Blast Festival and Battle Event Producer for the Gateway Festival.  Dozens of speaking engagements in the region to the DAR groups, RED HATS, Historical Societies, Pirate events, The Cleveland Country Club, Civitans, Rotary, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, High Schools from numerous states, National Park Service and museums 1976 to present.  Our previous works in the country of Japan with the CWSMMA, the Washington Navy Yard, for The US Navy Memorial Museum, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, Belgium, and the cities of Yokosuka, Japan and Wildwood Crest, NJ have brought plays, parades and shows to crowds exceeding one million. We've offered full production services from 1976 to present.

We continue to recruit for Indians, ladies, kids, militia and redcoats fully dressed or who want to join us.  We can help you with costumes and hats as well as muskets and rifles. Please call us at 704.937.2940.


"Government by kings was first introduced into the world by the Heathens, from whom the children of Israel copied the custom. It was the most prosperous invention the Devil ever set on foot for the promotion of idolatry."

"But where, say some, is the King of America? I'll tell you, friend, he reigns above, and doth not make havoc of mankind like the Royal Brute of Great Britain.... so far as we approve of monarchy, that in America the law is king."

Thomas Paine in his booklet - "Common Sense"

For more information ~ contact your volunteer host family Marti or Stormy Mongiello at: or 704.937.2940.  And visit the Kings Mountain National Military Park or KM South Carolina Farm & Park while in town!  JOIN US: We are also on Facebook - we welcome you!  You can come to battles and educational living history events all year long. Rated by the City of Kings Mountain Accounting Department as, "33% under budget in 2009, accurate and timely with complete and detailed report submissions for the Gateway Festival," volunteer helpers project.