General Information about the Home

How far away is the Degas House from the French Quarter?

It's approximately 11 blocks away.

Can I walk to the French Quarter? And if not...What mode of transportation do I use to get to the Quarter?

The walk to the French Quarter is very pleasant because Esplanade Avenue is such a beautiful boulevard. There is a bus stop in front of the house that goes to the French Quarter. The bus passes approximately every 20 minutes.Taxis are available through United Cabs (504-522-9771), our preferred cab company. It takes approximately 5 minutes to get to the French Quarter by taxi.  Like many other big cities across the world, we do encourage our guests to be situationally aware of their surroundings and of the potential risks that increase after consuming even the smallest amounts of adult beverages. So, in the interest of safety we highly recommend that you do not walk, do not take the bus, and do not drive yourself after sunset. Please consider using a taxi, as they are plentiful and the round trip cab fare from Degas House to the French Quarter is cheaper than parking fees in the Quarter and with lower risk.

Transportation to and from the airport:

Transportation by cab is available to and from the airport. If you would like to use United Cabs (our recommendation), please call them (504-522-9771) before deplaning and, by the time you claim your bags, your cab should be waiting for you. Alternate transportation from the airport is available through The Airport Shuttle, at a small cost savings, however the shuttle makes many other stops before arriving at Degas House.

Do I need a rental car?

If your stay in New Orleans is inner-city, the taxis, the bus system and the street car lines can accommodate your needs easily and inexpensively. However, if you plan to travel to Plantation Country or your travel plans include areas outside of the city and you want to be on your own (as opposed to being included in a group tour for a day excursion), you may consider car rental. However, when your nightly activities are inner-city we suggest you park your car here, at Degas House, and take a taxi.

Is parking available?

Ample parking is available along the street on the side of Degas House. Also, secured and lighted off street parking is available in our parking lot less than one block away that can accommodate up to 90 vehicles. This lot is used primarily for events at Degas House and for oversized vehicles. Note: French Quarter and downtown parking fees can run up to $30.00 or more per vehicle.