Questions and Answers

Q: What time is Check-in and Check-out?

A: 4 PM or a bit later is Check-in and Check-out is at 11 am.

Q: Is The Inn of the Patriots a large resort and entertainment complex?

A: No, not really. It might appear that way on the internet, but it is just our loving home (a 5,000 square foot small mansion) that we live in. You'll be staying with us, and occasionally we have a fist fight or all night long dancing show with guests. Marti enjoys taxidermy in the living room in front of guests and Stormy likes to offer enchanting spirit dancing for folks to enjoy with wind walking across a rope that we hang up from wall to wall.

Q: But do you try to make it look like a large resort, with high-end Gucci, top shelf luxury amenities? Do folks end up coming to a place that seems to be the Biltmore or the Grove Park Inn?

A: No, we explicitly list in the first sentence of the first line of our website, "Sleep, Tour, Dine or enjoy cooking classes (lunch or dinner included) at a simple, relaxed, casual and loving inn." Quote. We also have the very first photo is our simple home and inn. It is impossible to think inside a persons mind or hippocampus - that our house resembles the Grove Park Inn. We are a straightforward and loving family having fun with friends, guests, and good travelers.

Q: Is there a large staff dressed in butlers jackets and white chefs coats all over? Is it like Downton Abbey with the rich and all of the carriages?

A: No, we have five cooks and chefs total. Only our family lives here full time. We have eleven former White House chefs/staff working together on shows and events across the USA - and are all servers and butlers. Each of us mastered being a servant as part of our training, especially those of us working in the White House.

Q: Do you bill yourself as top-shelf, Rhodium or Platinum level? Like the Ritz?

A: No, kind friends, we are a loving family welcoming you to our museum and inn where we also live and play with our Lil' girl.

Q: I saw that most of your bathrooms are small or built into closets. Isn't that outrageous and ridiculous? Why shouldn't I just stay at the Westin or Hyatt!?

A: Most of our guests are interested in seeing history and feeling it as a 134-year-old 5,000 square foot mansion of the 1870's. The Bed and Breakfast culture is popular, yet some few do find it not to their liking. It is okay, even the hit movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," is only enjoyed by 93% of humans as a Hollywood rating. Some do not like the film at all. When our home was built, the Hambright family bragged about having eight bedrooms and two bathrooms! Today we rent five guest bedrooms and have six and a half bathrooms. It is true that given the physical dimensions and restrictions of our 1879 mansion that we have had to cut into closets to build toilets and showers (we joke with guests and call them cloilets and clowers - Closet+Toilet=Cloilet!). This is part of the charm of the B&B culture worldwide to see how folks deal with such inventive ideas and overcome them. It is considered cute and adventurous, and the lovers of B&B's are on a journey :)

Q: But isn't it a joke/disgrace that a former White House Chef is cooking, cleaning and serving guests? He's a damned clown.

A: Chef Marti is only a simple person who served 30 years in the US Military in numerous war zones and is 70% VA disabled. He and his VA, US Military, disabled, Chef Stormy (wife) do cook, clean and serve guests with love. Marti was also a manager of the Camp David Resort and Conference Center while in the military and worked for the White House Military Office (WHMO) and cooked for United States State Dinners inside the White House. Additionally, all military workers at the Camp David Resort cleaned rooms, houses, cabins, hotels and cooked and served as butlers. Our team of servants doesn't feel that cooking and cleaning for others is a joke or disgrace. Our 11 former White House Military Chefs service nor the rest of our good team is needing to be ridiculed. We are just simple folk working hard. We are not rich, and this is not the Breakers in Palm Beach.

Q: Is the food we have read so much about in the world newspapers high-end gourmet? We enjoyed ostrich loin and pigs cheeks with Pomegranate Foam in Paris. Nous aimons profiter de la nourriture des milliardaires et de la royauté.

A: While we have served that type of food around the world to elite gourmet audiences our focus is different. We are a farm-to-table, American Colonial Revolutionary War style experience. We offer things like Homemade Pumpkin Pancakes for the Fall and Handmade Gingerbread Pancakes for December and January. The rest of the year we switch it up to Southern Red Velvet Pancakes with our famous Cream Cheese Icing Syrup! We also offer favorite local syrups that we make one batch at a time of Gaffney Orange Peach, Quintuple Berry and Pecan-Vanilla-Sorghum-Cardamom Syrup. Fresh Cherry Kolaches, Blueberry Bearclaws, and Pecan-Cranberry-Raisin Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite. Our Hint of Orange Scones with Golden Raisins and slathered butter, US Grant's Moonshine Jelly or our Dolley Madison Cran-relish Marmalade are terrific also! Other items we make and serve are Italian Stratas with our homemade sauces, Cheesecake Stuffed Croissant Strawberry French Toast, Werner's StrammerMax from Austria, our handmade local sausages with fresh Fennel and Sage and our daily Red, Fingerling or Yukon Gold Potatoes with President Nixon's Favorite Catsup. These are just a few of the colonial and Presidential favorites we make. Three others have been the Dolley Madison Black Pepper and Ginger Cake, Thomas Jefferson's Vol au Vent from Paris and Mary Todd Lincoln's favorite Charlotte Russe.

Q: Is the inn handicap accessible and fully handicap, roll-in shower ready?

A: We are not handicap rated and do not have handicap, roll-in showers or ramps as the home is from 1879 and not required by law to have such. We are looking for investment to do such, though.

Q: Can we order glasses of water at the restaurants and then get the free appetizers and desserts? We are looking to get free everything and our idea of dinner is a glass of water and free appetizer, followed up with chips from a convenience store.  

A: Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. The free appetizer and desserts offered at the restaurants are with the full purchase of your meals.

Please see all of our policies here, friends.