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Chef Marti was honored to be asked to come to the Obama White House and work on veterans issues for the Post 9-11 GI Bill and VA loans. His trips to Washington continue to work on the VA home loan challenges. Both Marti and Stormy have worked with the Trump family over several years. The Trumps have agreed to pick up the remaining veterans issue and work on it with the help of the Clinton's, Obama's and Bush's. Ask them about standing and cooking in Don's lake behind his club with a wet Chef's coat!

Then First Lady, now Secretary, Hillary Clinton, Chef Marti, Kerry Johnson, Ken Nall, President Bill, and Chelsea Clinton.

Chef Stormy was honored to be invited to the Clinton Presidential Center and cook for four days with Marti.

Chef Marti cooked for His Majesty King Abdullah II and Queen Rania (whom his and Chef Stormy's daughter is named after) in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (see his life journey, further down below).

جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني وجلالة الملكة رانيا المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية

(انظر أدناه) His Majesty's site                          Her Majesty's site

Marti admires and cooked for Sheryl Crow. Some faves of hers are pop-rock-country hit-maker singles such as “Everyday is a Winding Road,” “If it Makes You Happy” and “All I Wanna Do.” "First Cut Is The Deepest" is one of the best songs to touch these Chefs hearts.

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Chef Marti (left) with White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier (center) and Chef Steve Kiehl (right) at the Italian state dinner for President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro and his daughter, Marianna.

Lo chef Marti (a sinistra) con il pasticciere della Casa Bianca Roland Mesnier (al centro) e lo chef Steve Kiehl (a destra) alla cena di stato italiana per il presidente Oscar Luigi Scalfaro e sua figlia Marianna.

Marti celebrated numerous hotel management awards as part of the CINCS Best Base in the World from President H.W. Bush (x2) and his wife, Barbara. Be on the lookout in the Bush exhibit section, for the Bush Family Favorite recipe that Barb wrote in her own hand and sent us!

Carlo Ponti, and his wife, Sophia Loren, enjoyed Marti's cookery and presentation during a White House State dinner.

Carlo Ponti e sua moglie Sophia Loren gustare la cucina e la presentazione di Marti nel corso di una cena alla Casa Bianca di Stato

We made a Zucchini Soup, Lamb with a Basil Polenta, Portabello Mushrooms and Roasted Peppers. Dessert was a Strawberry Surprise with Lemon Burned Cream and Almond Pistachio Nougat in a Sugar Blown Chestnut Gondola that featured the three colors of the Italian Flag in hand blown sugar.

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Chef Marti's version of Tiramisu, with dark and white sauces, and edible gold dust. For a long time, Marti and Stormy have been leading trade missions or have been highly sought-after guest speakers and consultants in Singapore, across Japan, Guam, China, Okinawa, Hawaii and South Korea.



요리사 마티는 15 년 이상 아시아에서 말하기되었습니다

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Nourished Steve Jobs while cooking for him at The White House - was stunned to see his name listed with Pixar Studios, and NOT Apple that night...

The Apple site

Cooked for Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.), and was amazed at his joking nature, when kidding with reporters. Jon insisted on telling reporters he was at the White House as part of the janitorial staff...

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Nicolas Cage got his, "just desserts," and loved them, during an official White House State Dinner. When asked where his Oscar statue was for just winning Best Actor in a Leading Role in Leaving Las VegasNicolas Kim Coppola (his real name) chuckled and said, "I put it on top of my TV." He was originally accused of being invited to the dinner only because he won, which was verified to be untrue. He had actually been invited months prior. The film won 30 awards and gained 26 nominations.

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Helped the famed writer, Gay Talese, stir things up in the Presidents' cabinet.

You should know who Gay is - his official site

Marti, Stormy, and Rania primarily focus on veterans issues and veterans needs for charity requests. Over 500 room nights, cooking classes, tours, and funds have been donated to since 2008! Global Activism + Organic farming = A Responsible Business. A DISABLED, INJURED, US MILITARY VETERANS PROJECT USING FUNDS TO HELP OTHER VETERANS.

A team of ideas and dreams- lives of accomplishments and "doing," - "actions,"success"...

Our Executive Chef, Marti (sometimes incorrectly spelled as Marty) Mongiello was a White House Chef of the White House Military Office (WHMO-code called "Whammo")) attached under the White House Staff Mess (WHSM) that fields 55 to 75 US Navy Culinary Specialist Chefs, Bakers and Cooks with liaison work to the White House Communications Agency (WHCA-code called "Waakah"), US Secret Service, US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps Detachment headquartered out of USMC 8th and I in Washington, DC and completed serving in the US Navy for 21 years. He was awarded his 30-year Final Retirement Certificate in 2014. He remains subject to recall to the Presidency, or Navy, until age 65 and was the Executive Chef at Camp David, a housekeeper there, valet, interior designer, butler, and bartender - establishing the first ever Brigade system of Chefs at the Presidential Resort and Retreat Conference Center; later becoming a Manager of the Camp David Resort with specialized trust, codes, archiving, curatorial, security, fiduciary and leadership responsibilities. He was specially trained in anti-terrorism schools held by the Marine Corps, Army, CIA, and other units for bomb/blast/nuclear attack while graduating 1st in his class from law enforcement academy. He also cooked US State Dinners inside the White House for the world's leaders, stars, and royalty. Marti routinely planned menus, prepared daily or conducted exotic special events for President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Nicholas Cage, President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro of Italy, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania with Crown Prince Hussein and Prince Hashem of the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Author Gay Talese, Sophia Loren, Lord Robertson of NATO, Joe Garagiola, Sr., Sheryl Crow, Prime Minister Hashimoto of Japan, Paul Tagliabue, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil, Jon Bon Jovi and President Constantinos Stephanopoulos of Greece as a partial list only. His awards, cups, and trophies total over 200, and a full list of those served well exceeds thousands of leaders and stars.

The awards from President George H.W. Bush were for running the then, Bayshore's 1500 room resort in Pensacola, Florida at the Naval Air Station (NASP). He was first recruited by the White House during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. Marti personally served President Bill, Secretary Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and worked in their home every day, for years. He may be the only servant to ever have been allowed and invited to speak LIVE on a Facebook broadcast about, "the real Clinton's behind closed doors," by Hillary's campaign in 2016. In 2015, Marti was invited to Washington to work with the White House by President Obama's Office of Public Policy regarding veterans issues for colleges and VA Loans. President Obama personally launched a Presidential Inquiry into the VA over the challenges with VA Home Loans and Vetrepreneurs. He also designed and consulted on several kitchen and restaurant ideas for the Trump's Club, was an owner in a company with President Donald J. Trump, Sr. for many years and worked for charity with Eric Trump to raise money for battered children.

Marti was detailed to six continents and lived on three - learning six languages to be successful in his job as a resort and household General Manager. The fact that he was also a Chef always seemed to be handy for a dinner of six people, or 600!

After serving in the military, including numerous tours with Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay during Operation Southern Watch, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Marti totaled up over six years living outside of the USA and over eight years at sea. He returned home, retired from the military, became a homeless veteran due to his ex-spouse divorcing him, went bankrupt, realized he was a loser, and considered his suicide planned for a Christmas morning. At that time, he decided it would be better to seek counseling, which was excellent for him. With help from his mother and father (Michael and Marion), he returned to divorce court in the state of New Jersey to file and overturn his case. It had been known as the single worst travesty in the history of NJ records against a disabled and injured veteran, in fact violating Federal laws of taking injured and disabled pay and awarding it as alimony to his former spouse, whom he had no children with, and no property owned. Marti's entire retirement had been given away, and he also was paying the taxes on it (approximated value of three million dollars to death). After four years, Marti's case was ruled as obscene and abusive of veterans - and outright wrong. In his former court case, he had cried in his uniform into the microphone - about not even having an attorney due to not being able to afford one any longer. The court overturned the previous result and rectified the injustice while his physical condition worsened from previous injuries. For these reasons, Marti became a veterans advocate to try and help rebuild the VA and help others with STOP 22.

In 1969, Marti Mongiello began entertaining (just himself) at the age of four years old. They say he was a real, "scream," to watch as he set his placemat, plates out, six to ten pieces of silverware, decorative folded napkin, multiple glasses and began making his pizza. Complete with ketchup on white bread, he then sprinkled shaker spaghetti cheese on top and sat down to, "entertain," himself. At five, he was tasked with daily, proper cleaning of homes as his family owned one in Pennsylvania and a beach home in New Jersey. He is one of the most famous graduates of the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA, and Charlotte, NC with a BS degree in Culinary Management (Summa Cum Laude), Dean's List, Perfect Attendance Award and as a Socrates Grant recipient. He is also one of the more famed graduates of the Culinary Institute of America under a specialized program for winning the Best Restaurant in the World Award under the US Navy NEY Award program. Marti was in the first-ever class to be sent of Executive Chefs from winning Navy units, setting new records in the Navy.

Marti's Italian side of the family name comes from St. Agata Irpina next to Solofra, Italy in the Avellino (AV) district of Campania.  His Italian surname is Mongiello (Manganiello, Mongillo, Mongiel).  The area is famed for Spaghetti Puttanesca (Spaghetti with a whore's sauce), macaroni (served as the first mac and cheese by Thomas Jefferson inside the white house after buying a macaroni press), tomatoes (especially the Pomodoro San Marzano from San Marzano Sul Sarno) and pizza.  Also famed in the region is mozzarella, along with basil, garlic, peppers, broccoli rabe, olive and citrus trees. This is the region of Naples (where pizza is from), the Isle of Capri, Pompei and Mount Vesuvius! He was raised in the Colonial City, and second patriot Capitol of America, Philadelphia, visiting places like the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall on childrens school trips. He also grew up on the Jersey Shore and later lived in New York.  In winter it was the stories to remind children of Washington on the Delaware, or at Valley Forge. The family became famed for the Roma Ice Cream Cone Factory of Philadelphia and Marti's father worked inside the factory assembling the Italian invention of 1896, ice cream cones, into metal tins.  His cousins are a Senator in the Italian congress of Columba Mongiello (our staunch advocate of Product of Italy law, the Mongiello Law in the European Union), and Joe Manganiello of Hollywood.
Marti is also part of the Schafer (Schaefer, Schafer, Schaffer, Schafferre, Schafer, Schäfer, Schäffer, Schefer, Scheffer) family from the Mainz region of Germany, first settling in Virginia and Carolus (Carolina) in 1709.  It is derived from the Middle High German term schafferre, which — in that language — referred to the manager or steward of a household.  He is also part English, Scottish, American Indian, Ashkenazi Jewish and Irish with his DNA reporting most family members of the McConnell family (often known as McDonnell.  The Schafer's served in the NC Continental Line during the revolutionary war as John and Henry Shaffer.  A portion of his DNA is also Asian (American Indian) from Asia, the Ural Mountains region and Ashkenazi Jewish.  In the United States, you know of the family for building and creating South of the Border (by Alan Schafer), as donors to PBS Masterpiece Theater, the Masterpiece Trust and Downton Abbey via The Michael and Helen Schaffer Foundation, the Westglow Resort with Bonnie and Jamie Schaefer, and the Schaefer Center of Appalachian State University.

The additional family found under DNA analysis for Marti - are Wylie, Bruce, Mcintosh, McConnell, and Hamrick of the region (Lake Wylie). Some of them predominately live in the county seat region of York, SC.  In the very early 1700's when Marti's family moved to the Carolina Territory, it was controlled under the Carolina Charter of 1663 and the Lord's Proprietors.  Later, in Tryon County, the local seat was what is now in the state of South Carolina, and called York, SC.   

Marti entered the workforce at the urging of a strong Italian Father and French-Irish Mother whom honored hard work. He was fourteen now and riding his ten speed six miles to work as a dishwasher - turned catering prep. cook - turned working at a pizza parlor for Frank Panzone - learning all forms of sandwiches, pizza and calzones. Next he continued to upgrade and began cooking meats, pancakes and egg dishes at the famed Pampered Pancake House on Long Beach Island, NJ and apprenticed under three chef graduates (including the noted Meatloaf) of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) led by the talented Lance and Luciano Bachia of Luciano's North Italian Cuisine and The Pampered Pancake House. Regrettably, he was a complete failure and laughing stock at playing basketball.

Marti is a direct blood-line descendant of Petrach. His DNA was matched after exhumation. Francesco Petrarca (1304 – 1374), is the famed Italian scholar and poet in Renaissance Italy, who was one of the earliest humanists. His rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited with initiating the 14th-century Renaissance. Petrarch is often considered the founder of Humanism. In the 16th century, Pietro Bembo created the model for the modern Italian language based on Petrarch's works, as well as those of Giovanni Boccaccio, and, to a lesser extent, Dante Alighieri. Petrarch would be later endorsed as a model for Italian style by the Accademia della Crusca.

Petrarch's sonnets were admired and imitated throughout Europe during the Renaissance and became a model for lyrical poetry. He is also known for being the first to develop the concept of the "Dark Ages. Marti's writings, statements, and poems have also been featured in hundreds of newspapers, books, television, and newspapers across the world.

He volunteered for submarine duty on dozens of hunter-killer submarines after boot camp, drill, and Honor Guard Company duty & primary cooks school in San Diego, California. Off next to the nuclear submarine school - where he was taught the advanced understanding of nuclear power plants, hydraulics, electricity, navigation, buoyancy, firefighting, weaponry, and survival inside the world's oceans in human-made machines. Here he learned and perfected driving and diving a multi-billion dollar machine under the earth waters. Over the next ten years, he cooked, handled frozen lines off of Norway in the hail, practiced fire-fighting and nuclear accident drills, served crews and officers in the wardroom while visiting other countries and studying cuisines. His various boat activities in the top-secret cold war helped America win. 

A large portion of Marti's crew activities was recently featured in a full-length film, called Hunter-Killer, produced with the authorized assistance of several Department of Defense reviewers and Navy consultants.  It's an action thriller film directed by Donovan Marsh, written by Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss, and based on the novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace. The film stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Michael Nyqvist (in one of his final film roles), Common, Linda Cardellini, and Toby Stephens, and follows a submarine crew and a group of Navy SEALs who rescue the captured Russian President from a coup. The film is considered by some to be outrageous or childish as impossible to have occurred and many of the operations in the movie are inappropriate or outlandish fantasy. 

"It's the type of creative hype and fiction BS that immature writers, and Admirals who never had any action, come up with - until they actually get some time on the pond and inside the oceans of the world like many of us have. Spend over eight years on sea duty and another six overseas living at NATO, in Asia, and in Europe and hope to God that you get to be part of something only the CIA has on file. Then you'll have new ideas of what to write about." Marti Mongiello

Principal photography on the film was in London and in Bulgaria. Interior sets of a Virginia-class Hunter Killer submarine were built at Ealing Studios, using blueprints approved by the U.S. Navy, with the spaces expanded slightly to allow freer camera movement. The sets were mounted on a gimbal to simulate the movement of the sea. Ealing also hosted a Pentagon set from where U.S. military personnel track the submarine action.

An exterior set of the main Hunter Killer submarine was built in Pinewood Studios’ 806,000-gallon exterior water tank, while underwater scenes were shot using a separate water tank at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, also just outside London. Interiors of the Russian base were built as sets at Nu Boyana Film Studios in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

"We waited a long time to see this film made and for a lot of reasons we will never confirm nor deny as bubbleheads." Marti Mongiello
He lived in the astronaut-like clean atmosphere while making oxygen through hydrolysis and using the earth waters for many things. Many a night went by - sleeping next to a torpedo with his arm thrown around it like a wife - or in a 500 KW diesel generator room with a hammock. At an early age of 20, he assumed control of a quarter-million dollar food inventory and managed the entire restaurant with his team. He was promoted rapidly from extremely high test scores and job performance evaluations by crusty, sea-going, hardened dogs who ran his head through a highly intelligent workforce one year trial. The US nuclear submarine force makes up very close to 4% of the IQ in the Navy. And, the crews, wives, and visiting dignitaries loved his food.

He worked for many summers to save each year to pay for his private Christian high school, Monsignor Bonner of Drexel Hill. He was a graduate of Saint Philomena's in Lansdowne. He worked full time in his Senior year learning how to make the best breakfast in the world from the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). A few factors dominated his young mind: 1. Love for duty, honor, courage and commitment. 2. An intense interest in war, martial arts, police work, and the military. 3. Love for the ocean, sea, boats, travel, adventure and sailing. 4. A pure and unbridled passion for service and cooking in the hospitality field. Having no money for college and childishly being sick of schooling he had no mature respect for attending a university. Later in life, that would change as he obtained an MBA. But for then, he had a drive to succeed and work himself to death, through not even knowing how or what to do. He was not about to sit around on his hands waiting for the world to turn. He took the US Military ASVAB and scored a 95. He tried to join the US Air Force but was denied due to admitted, repeated drug use as a minor, gang activity and being jailed once. He considered himself to be a disgrace and failure in his family. As the US Navy would have him, he specifically requested to be a cook and somehow try to satisfy all of his desires while serving.

"A genius IQ testing result qualified him for cryptologic work or the nuclear field, yet he followed his heart to work in the Hospitality Management field." -Admiral Marc Y. E. Pelaez, 2004

See the inside the nuclear world while away from society in the Wall Street Journal

He next graduated Hotel Management School in Memphis, TN and ran the Bayshore's Resort of 1500 rooms and 11 buildings, as a multi-million dollar Procurement Director and later - General Manager, helping turn it into a world-awarded property in Pensacola, Florida. In 1990, he helped his team achieve status to the Commander in Chief, President George Bush, Sr, of - BEST BASE IN THE WORLD, for the second year in a row. He was flown to the Pentagon after a special Good Morning America show was taped at the "cradle of Naval aviation," - home to the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron. There, with his team and Captain Harry Jupin, they were celebrated in a special service held in the middle of the Pentagon - in the courtyard. The resort won numerous awards, including the Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Four-Star Award for Lodging. Aside from cleaning two homes his whole life, this now formed the basis of an immense hotel and resort operations in his career spanning financials, guest services, maintenance and housekeeping forces, security and safety as well as running the front desk operation.

Marti pioneered numerous ground-breaking computerized inventory, interior design, resort leisure activities, housekeeping services and guest service initiatives that forever changed service from, "Managers," to becoming, "Hosts," and, "Customers," were then treated as, "Guests," in the Navy. He received his first of five, Navy Achievement Medals and three Commendation Medals from the Secretary of the Navy in 1990 thanks to CWO Theresa Withee.

Marti also had graduated numerous security, DOD police academy (first in class), anti-terrorism, HR, sanitation, leadership, emergency vehicle operations, OSHA and safety schools - as a manager. Later, Marti would design houses and cabins at Camp David including upgrades to the President's and Vice President's homes, new cabins, as well as then appear on the front cover of Real Estate Showcase for his interior design work in Tennessee.

At the ten year mark, (in a 21-year highly decorated military career) he was stationed onboard the first nuclear submarine ever named after a Western North Carolina town - the USS Asheville, SSN 758 - when he was nominated for Presidential Support Duty under the White House Military Office. Submarine duty had honed his already natural skills of diplomacy and teamwork into highly celebrated and awarded management and leadership. When living under the world's oceans for months at a time, the ultimate goals of hard work and teamwork were celebrated. There are no days off in the Navy and work days typically are 18 hours long. At the same time, the leadership principles of Steven Covey are highly endorsed and utilized to achieve such unprecedented commitment to work. Getting "along" with each other becomes critical in such an environment.

As a professional cook, Marti transitioned into becoming a Chef with the guidance and mentorship of Chief Kully Crean, Chef Monroe Duncan and his Master Chief, Jesse Ruffin. They prepared him to cook for Presidents and Royalty on a daily basis as he was doing special luncheons and dinners for visiting Congress, Senators, and CEO's of major corporations. At the same time, Marti was crafting his art of massive cake decorating feats up to eight feet long at times and learning ice sculpting with 300-pound blocks of ice. Marti's three-dimensional cakes were fully edible from the mountains to the seas, and he also mastered the culinary art of Garde Manger simply by practicing each day, inside a sewer pipe (a submarine). Marti has always listened to the excuses others have for why they don't have things or money or a better position in life and the hardships of watching TV all day long or listening to music or why they couldn't afford college or training...

For Marti, he figured if he threw himself into a bookstore, bought a book, read what to do - he could teach himself - and make a lot of mistakes along the way. And that would include even if he was underwater for months at a time, away from the world and his family. When he began to decorate cakes in 1984, he cut out cake decorating tips from a catsup bottle top with scissors and colored the icing with beet juice and spinach juice. Having no knowledge, schooling or training as well as having no supplies or equipment has never been an excuse for not producing a finished, winning, champion product. These are only excuses and crutches - to Marti. Or lies to tell one's family or into the mirror.

United States Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Jesse Ruffin of Wilson, NC, as mentioned above, mentored Marti. He sent him away to White House Military Office duty. In 2009, during a visit by one of his Masters, Marti mentioned to another friend that Jesse was, "his Master and taught him how to lead in war during the early 90's." "Why are you calling a black man your master, you're white, the friend replied." "Like Star Wars and a lady's home I once took care of and protected her children (Kathleen Kennedy), in the future, one's Master comes in many colors," Marti quipped. "In the military, I had this black Master. He was my Master, and he taught me well, many, many things. I never cared about being white, and he my black, Negro Master. I still address him as my Master. Sometimes I just call him Master or Master Chief."

White House Chef Chris Comerford worked with Marti on US State Dinners when she was the, then, third Chef under John Moeller and Walter Scheib

President Clinton stops by to visit with the US Navy Chefs running the two restaurants inside the White House

The Mandela's meet on the red carpet with the Clinton's for an official state dinner

Now Marti brought all of his culinary skills as a Chef to the Admirals, Restaurant Management skills of millions of dollars in design-menu-build-operation, full hotel and resort successes with P & L experience and Interior Design skills to bear for one family - and one nation. It had been a long road of training for him spanning a hospitality career of learning over 24 years time since he was four. He established the standardized Brigade system at Camp David per the famed Chef, Antoine Careme and began studying for his Certified Executive Chef exam. At the age of 28, he became America's first Executive Chef in history - at Camp David (right photo courtesy National Archives). Now he was going to stir things up for the President's Cabinet and, "get his just desserts!" While running 16 homes for the President, he coordinated with the US Secret Service, National Park Service, National Archives, Smithsonian and Library of Congress for assorted art and private collections of paintings and books for the First Family. This provided an excellent setting and experience for all visitors to the Catoctin Mountain Retreat once named, Shangri-la, by President Roosevelt and his USS Sequoia Navy cooks - later renamed to Camp David, by President Eisenhower after his grandson, David. Marti excelled and during a three-year tour was awarded two Joint Meritorious Unit Command ribbons (one with Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster), a Navy Achievement Medal, a Navy Commendation Medal, the Presidential Service Badge and began laying the path towards a Navy Volunteer Service Medal in teaching nutrition in schools, mentoring students, feeding the hungry and working for the Frederick County Covered Bridge Preservation Society (FCCBPS), with Dean Fitzgerald, President. FCCBPS is a non-profit, volunteer organization working to restore, preserve, maintain, and promote the three covered bridges remaining in Maryland. Critical to a rebuilding of Loy's Station Covered Bridge following 1991 arson. Responsible for repairs to Roddy Road Covered Bridge heavily damaged by a hit-and-run driver in 1992. They worked closely with the county to rehabilitate the Utica Covered Bridge.

It's pretty easy to eat more healthy foods. I don't work for or speak for my friend, Doctor Ornish; I just found his lifestyle program easier than any diet ever created on earth. The food was so good it fooled the smartest US President, his loving wife and thousands of friends visiting the Camp David mountaintop retreat center. Few ever knew, from around the earth, just how healthy the food was they were eating. My job came to be that of a medical illusionist.

When I first heard about tofu, seaweed, miso paste and spelt, I was dumbfounded as a Chef to the President. With just a little bit of help from Doctor Dean Ornish, Chef Jean-Marc Fullsack, Chef Hubert Keller, Doctor (Admiral) Mariano, Chef Joyce Goldstein and Chef Michael Lomonaco - I was off blazing new trails. Once I had the extensive books and lists from the Preventive Medicine Research Institute (PMRI) I was like a magician and illusionist exploring and developing 15 secret techniques. I loved it and enjoyed the Clinton's initiatives to ask me to cook healthy for them. It was an honor to be exploring medical frontiers few have ever achieved. One of the more famous ones was white cream sauces, alfredo sauces, cream of tomato soup and clam chowder made with my famous rice trick - all items previously forbidden and thought to be impossible ever to enjoy again. Being healthy, eating healthy, the power and strength of the body and the "juice" to take down mountains begins and ends each day with simple choices. And trust me, the Presidents, a King or Queen, Hollywood stars and good ole' local folk I've cooked for all are interested in physical POWER and feeling terrific. Once you have the list of food in five groups - it is easy.

Protecting President Clinton and his family for years was, and still is, an honor for all Chefs. Some folks were calling this #cheesecakegate which made my agent Sheldon Senek, and I laugh! I am happy to have so much attention brought to eating and Doctor Ornish's programs that are easy to follow. The Clinton's and Bush's both have been terrific advocates for healthy eating and exercise.

The granite walled White House after being burned to the ground as it appears today

Marti's first of three US Navy Commendation Medals given by the Secretary of the Navy - covering his years at Camp David

A view of the President's House after being gutted and burned, August 24, 2014

A collage of a few guests that have enjoyed Marti's cookery and service, to date.  From the top left to right is Bernadette Peters, Patricia Arquette, Richard Grasso, Andrew Cuomo, Joe Garagiola (center left), Jack Valenti (center), Martin Scorcese (center right), King Abdullah II and Queen Rania (bottom left), Mario Cuomo, Leon Panetta and Sophia Loren.

"President Clinton and Hillary invited a group of popular self-help authors to Camp David to help them dissect what had happened in the first two years of the presidency. 

Three of the attendees were well-known: Anthony Robbins, author of "Awaken the Giant Within"; Marianne Williamson, author of "A Return to Love"; and Stephen R. Covey, author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Their names later leaked out publicly and all three declined to discuss the substance of the meeting.The Choice, By Bob Woodward, Chapter 1: Spiritual Adviser Aided First Lady's Search

Supposedly we hosted seances at Camp David according to some books and newspapers.  As I was there every night, I can tell you that these were only highly educated people discussing intelligent ideas and thoughts.  There was no ouija board used, candles lit (okay maybe we had a Yankee Candle lit on a damned table somewhere) with omens called or shaker rattles used.

Seances @ Camp David: "We were accused of conducting seances at Camp David with hypnotic links to the other side of the dead via Bill and Hillary," Marti mentions. Some of the papers were guessing about our activities until 0300 and decided to publish lies - instead of a story. Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research came and stayed over, and it was an honor for our team to care for her cabin and meals." Marti adds, "I ensured her stay on the top of the mountain was memorable. It was Friday, Dec. 30, 1994, and I had just been awarded my serial numbered Presidential Service Badge #14592 recalling how cold things were wearing our thick green Seabee combat blouses and parkas. We had lots of firewood stacked high, and all of the lodges and fireplaces were cozy and filled with the fun of the holidays

Seances @ Camp David:  "We were accused of conducting seances at Camp David with hypnotic links to the other side of the dead via Bill and Hillary," Marti mentions. Some of the papers were guessing about our activities until 0300 and decided to publish lies - instead of a story. Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research came and stayed over, and it was an honor for our team to care for her cabin and meals." Marti adds, "I ensured her stay on the top of the mountain was memorable. It was Friday, Dec. 30, 1994, and I had just been awarded my serial numbered Presidential Service Badge #14592 recalling how cold things were wearing our heavy green Seabee combat blouses and parkas. We had lots of firewood stacked high, and all of the lodges and fireplaces were cozy and filled with the fun of the holidays

Seances @ Camp David: Anthony Robbins, the author of "Awaken the Giant Within," surprised everyone for the private meetings when he arrived, announcing he was a vegetarian and commented to one server, Petty Officer Errol Soderquist, "Can you ask the Chef for several substantial choices?" Chef Marti says, "I offered him some of Chelsea's best friend Becky's cheddar cheese pierogies sauteed with onions and a kombu dashi stock - he loved it! And my fresh tomato stack with zucchini and yellow squash lasagna another time. Then I tried the Boca Burger Chili on him I had made for the Clinton's and Doctor Dean Ornish. Tony loved it all, and he was very elated that we had not tried to smoke his arse with the old steamed vegetable entree trick - that is not substantial food for a real vegetarian. I also spoke with his private pilot by phone to my kitchen about some items.

Being part of the World Association of Chefs Societies-WACS Marti well. He had always worked in shelters feeding homeless people but WACS had a strong desire to feed the starving and hungry in the world. Marti was taught that it is one thing to be a famous Chef on TV making millions of dollars with international restaurants - but Chefs have a responsibility to feed the world also - regardless. Marti subsequently got involved deeper (being unafraid of depths) with the Chef and Child Foundation (CCF) marching for Childhood Hunger in America - NOT OVERSEAS, NOT IN OTHER COUNTRIES. The first march held was in Washington, DC in 1995 with his friends present (Doctor Dean Ornish, Paul Prudhomme, Ann Cooper) and hundreds of Chefs from around the USA. The philosophy being that if people are starving, malnourished and one in four children in America go hungry each day- then why are we putting our hands into others faces overseas?

Marti went on to negotiate control of almost 3 billion dollars annually in food purchasing for America when he lived in Japan and Hawaii. His decisions impacted over 7,000 Chefs cooking daily and producing 92 million meals per year.

While he did, his time included presentations of the ACF CCF puppet Chef, "Chef Combo," in Japan to the Shunko Gakuen Orphanage, US Department of Defense in Belgium, at peace missions in the desert for war widows and children of desert shelters and the Connecticut and Maryland school systems in America, teaching children. He continues to be invited across many states to address children and teach them in America. His involvement has also included cooking shelter food for Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen during Childhood Hunger Day. Other events have included personally assisting in Federal donations of food to the United Way, Connecticut Food Bank, The Manna Food Bank of Florida, Aloha Harvest of Hawaii, recipe development with Breedlove (led to feeding over 160,000,000 meals in 2007) and Share our Strength in excess of $740,000.00 dollars. In 2011/2012, Chef Marti and his Chef wife, Stormy, elected to give up Christmas for their family on Christmas day and cooked a Christmas Dinner and Presents Festival for the poor and lonely. Many children attend each year with desperate families in challenging times. The Chef and the Child Foundation mission has always been: "To address the dietary needs and nutrition education needs of and for children in America; - to be "the voice and army of the American Culinary Federation in its fight against childhood hunger in America."  See more about the latest events and charity work here.

Chef Marti has also worked on Taste of the Nation events with Chef Jacques Pepin. In 2005 Marti was a Celebrity Judge for The Philly Cooks Competition along with Jeffrey Chodorow of the Restaurant Show on NBC-TV, Philadelphia Magazine, the Fretz Kitchens, Mercedes-Benz, Gallo Wines, Chefs Jean-Marie Lacroix, Joseph Poon, Brian Sikora of Django, Santé Magazine’s Elaine Khosrova, Food Network’s Bill Boggs, Saveur Magazine’s Roger Morris, Cynthia Teixeira of Williams-Sonoma, and FerVor Magazine’s Leigh Donadieu to help raise over $150,000.00 for MANNA. He would later train under Chef's Rick Scott at The Tokyo American Club (featured left), Chef's Walter Scheib, John Moeller, Christeta Comerford and Keith Luce of the White House, Chef Patrick O'Connell of The Inn at Little Washington, Chef Hubert Keller of Fleur de Lys, a top 25 restaurant in the world located in San Francisco, CA and Las Vegas, NV, Michael Lomonaco while visiting the White House (of the 21 Club and Windows on the World), extensively under Chef Jean-Marc Fullsack of Doctor Dean Ornish's Preventive Medicine Research Institute, while visiting Chef Laurent Rigolet of Comme Chez Soi and studying under Miguel Saelens (Wine Master) in the Capitol of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium, Master Sommelier Charles Anderson, Chef Jean-Pierre Drehier of the Left Bank Restaurant, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Florida and Chef Herve' Le Biavant, Executive Chef of the California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu.


Mentors of Marti and Stormy include Dr. Dean Ornish (top left in blue suit with Marti featured on the extreme left), Chef Jean-Marc Fullsack (top left on right), Chef Walter Scheib (above 2nd photo), Chef Patrick O' Connell (above 3rd photo) & Chef Hubert Keller (above 4th photo) as well as many others like Chef Michael Lomonaco (left photo by Melisa Hom). 

A number of them have been featured as TOP CHEF MASTERS and on numerous worldwide television shows.

Whether making rice cakes in Tokyo for the poor, cooking for thousands a day, giving up a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to make one for the poor shelter or in teaching nutrition to children with his friendly puppet, "Chef Combo," Marti keeps busy! The US Directory of Chefs for Special Nutrition Partnerships in the schools of America listed Marti as inspiring children about food choices that promote health. At other times, Chef Marti has been found giving back to younger Chefs at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Art Institute of Colorado Denver, Colorado, USA. Giving to the students of the world - Marti and Christopher Mathis donated time for free, conducted cooking demonstrations and addressed the most extensive university system in the United States on this occasion.

Marti retired from the military and holds a 30-year retirement certificate of service and living on three continents, being a Seabee, Law Enforcement Specialist, Chef, Hotel and Resort Manager to the President, Surface Warfare, and Submarine Warfare Specialist, NATO duty (x2), Joint Chiefs of Staff Badge recipient and Presidential Service Badge Awardee. His final roles of duty were in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF - OEF) with Captain James T. Grant and Commander Barry Smith onboard USS Detroit (AOE-4). This was his fourth time in this theater and portions of it were written about in his book, "America's Secret Weapon Surfaces." He continues to consult with resorts and clubs around the world to provide service at the level of a Prime Minister - King or Queen - President. His teams continue to win numerous awards under Cendant/Wyndham, and other projects like his LIVE cooking shows at the world's largest casino - Foxwoods Casino. In 2006, his wife joined him in cooking for six months, from coast-to-coast, live on stage for the Fortune 24 company of Proctor & Gamble. In 2007, they were chosen to represent almost 30 food corporations products from Heinz to McCormick to Emeril Lagasse, and Marti also scratch created a cooking radio show called Kings in the Kitchen - across the three Arbitron rated states (achieving #1 slot status) for New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It seems like Marti has often been in the right place, at the right time, and done the right thing to get the right contract - or save the right life on earth.

He once was helping Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall rebuild their home and redesign their security system in Hollywood (then sold for $26M to Tom Hanks) as the Estate Manager working out of Cathy Ireland's house - with a pool. Marti was in the right place one day - and saved Meghan Marshall's life (one of two daughter's - the other being Lili Marshall) at the right time before she drowned. Marti earned the eternal gratitude of the most successful film producers of all time. You know them from The Bourne Identity, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, ET, Back to the Future, Warhorse, Lincoln and The Adventures of Tin Tin to name a few films produced and directed.

"I cried the day I was asked to leave by Frank (like the Nanny Diaries movie - for the girls sake, I left in tears), he was always such a weird jerk and as soon as Kathy had put me on the phone to speak with her Dad (a Judge and former Navy man), Frank was pissed off and jealous." Despite all of his Jason Bourne movies, Frank is most generally a pussy, and he was intimidated by me 24/7 trying to protect his children and family. I refused to come to work in flip-flops and ripped jeans (as many PA's did), and Kathy told me they had already had a bunch of casual, so-called workers in their life - she liked that I was retired military and a "tight-assed" Easterner taking the safety of her daughters very seriously. Just like I take my daughters life and security very, very seriously.

Frank came home the day I had saved his daughter's life and said, "Wow, somebody just got employee of the week." My dad in Philadelphia was shocked on the phone and said, "So what do you get a plaque? He should have proclaimed you as the employee of the year." As Kathy had flown off to film Munich with Steven Spielberg, she was now on Malta and unreachable easily. I was invited to the exclusive family review of War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Justin Chatwin, Miranda Otto and Tim Robbins, and attended with my friends, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences right before July 4th weekend, 2005. My landlord, Dolly, commented on how devoted I was to my job to work on the holiday responding to alarms going off at Kathy and Franks home.

Trust me, the old epi-pens in every car, every book bag and every home location I found in case Lili ever got stung - were replaced the same day I found them. Just like every single staff member telling me that no one was First Aid, CPR or AED qualified. That school was completed in two days for the entire team. The day I was let go by Frank, he refused to provide me with any severance pay (despite the fact that I had given up many other jobs in estates), declined to ship my personal belongings back to the East Coast and refused to pay for my plane ticket back to Philadelphia unless I then signed a confidentiality agreement. Frank told me, "I don't provide feedback to employees to learn how to do their job well, or better, or to learn my ways and how I want things done so that the employee can become successful in my eyes. I've always let them guess at how to serve me." Hey, Frank, you jerk, no scruples, unclassy, jerk of an employer, kiss this. Frank, the Chief of Staff and his attorneys are still waiting for me to sign those papers. Frank waited until Kathy was gone to get rid of me. Without a doubt, this was the worst job I ever had, thanks to Frank. Kathy, she was a dream to work with.

Service standards are paramount at the inn along with the setting of a proper table - all standards of which are shared between Marti and Stormy. He married Stormy LeAnn Neal on April 6, 2008, in the Inn of the Patriots with each of their families and parents attending (having originally met in 2005 and proposed on his knees in 2006 in front of her family). Stormy is originally from Kings Mountain and grew up on a large farm named after her Grandfather, "Paw Jim." Today the road she played on and left to join the US Navy - bears a street sign of fluorescent green named after him, "Paw Jim's Road." The farm he ran lives on in his hands and teachings of the earth and growing crops through Chef Stormy. The Inn of the Patriots grows numerous vegetables, watermelons, corn, pumpkins, squash and lettuce for its guests meals and also has a Chefs Herb Garden (separate). The proud history of our military and patriots continues on, alive amongst the foothills of North Carolina.

Chef Stormy is the Licensed Executive Chef (LEC) in charge of the kitchens at The Inn of the Patriots. She has direct Country Club experience from White Manor Country Club of Pennsylvania, cooked at the Clinton Foundation, across the United States of America on stage with Chef Marti (in front of one million visitors per day) at the largest events in the USA - and has cooked for audiences in Japan and Korea. Her direct representation of Chef Emeril Lagasse and his food products at the Jacob K. Javits Fancy Food Show and Foxwoods Casino were monumental moments in her life as a Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine. She was President of the Future Homemakers of America at Bessemer City High School and grew up on a farm with as many as 5,000 turkeys at a time on it. Her direct planting, farming and growth skills bring canning expertise and more to the production table at factories from New York to NC as well as her 1776 farm behind the inn where lemons, muscadines, blueberries, chickens, strawberries, lettuces, tomatoes and much more are grown.

Before becoming an Executive Chef, Stormy continued her studies towards a Bachelors Degree in Business from Western International University with a specialization in Human Resources. She currently studies for her MBA at Limestone College. Her payroll, accounting, controller and financial acumen are highly noted for an Executive Chef that is brilliant.  Attaining her PHR designation from Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), she scored in the top 4% of the USA.

Her awards include the Good Conduct Medal from the US Navy, Battle "E," Cold War Service Certificate and the National Defense Service Medal. In 2013, she was nominated to the Charlotte Business Journal as a Women in Business Leaders Award.

Initially, in 2012 Chef Stormy was the lone female chef featured on the front cover of America's Cuisine Magazine - the culinary encyclopedia of Charlotte, NC - with American Express as a primary sponsor. In 2013, she was joined by a second lady chef, now featuring just two female chefs ever on the front cover dominated by her husband and dozens of other male chefs.

Chef Stormy continues to appear on television and stage showcasing the Madison China and more with CBS TV WBTV of Charlotte. She was recently invited to compete on the FOOD TV Network.

Chef Stormy just loves working with the STORM Center at NBC TV Charlotte and Larry Sprinkle!

The Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan & Kingdom of Morocco - United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain

King Hassan II of the Kingdom of Morocco مملكة البحرين‎

الملكي المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية والمملكة المغربية

الإمارات العربية المتحدة ومملكة البحرين

Chef Marti served, boots in the sand, on numerous missions in the desert region of Southwest Asia and received combat pay for boots in the sand (and air/ocean submerged and surface ops) from the 1. Gulf War (Operation Southern Watch), 2. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Despite needing an operation after being told he could die in as little as eight hours in the desert, he requested to remain in theater after, and return to duty.  He was flown to the USS Saipan to be operated on off the Horn of Africa and recalls seeing hundreds of dolphins wishing him well from the helicopter - while on his way.  He earned the nickname of, "The Terminator," when he returned.  For investigative reporters, private detectives and OIG colleagues at the Pentagon, his total combat pay spans numerous desert countries/wars in his pay records and service jacket (key code TS YW CAT II SSBI 4458383h3783992hH2wWw3w656*!L).

طاه مارتي خدم، والأحذية في الرمال، في العديد من البعثات في منطقة صحراء جنوب غرب آسيا وحصل على أجر لمكافحة الأحذية في الرمال (وغمرت الهواء / المحيطات والتقاط سطح) من حرب الخليج 1.، 2. عملية حرية العراق (OIF) وعملية الحرية الدائمة (عملية الحرية الدائمة). على الرغم من حاجة إلى عملية جراحية بعد أن قال انه يمكن ان يموت في اقل من ثماني ساعات في الصحراء، وقال انه طلب منه البقاء في المسرح بعد، والعودة إلى العمل. نقل جوا إلى حاملة الطائرات سايبان الى أن تعمل على قبالة القرن الافريقي ويتذكر رؤية مئات الدلافين متمنيا له التوفيق من المروحية - بينما كان في طريقه. حصل على لقب "المنهي"، عندما عاد.

"I first came to understand and study the Arabic language, and the Muslim people of Southwest Asia, when I was at Camp David.  After being ordered to prepare for a visit by King Hassan II of Morocco with the President, I started to cook for the King - in preparation thereof.  I began by studying Tagines (a clay pot featured above his Majesty) which also is a dish served in the pot, orange flower water, cous cous, sweet mint tea and hummus.  One of the most famous tagines is the tagine of chicken, potatoes and olives. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Berber and Mediterranean cooks and the royal kitchens of Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Rabat and Tetouan. Flavorings include lemon pickle, cold-pressed, unrefined olive oil and dried fruits. Some claim it is heavily spiced, or more than Middle Eastern food."

"جئت لأول مرة إلى فهم ودراسة اللغة العربية، والشعب المسلم في جنوب غرب آسيا، عندما كنت في كامب ديفيد. بعد أن أمر للتحضير لزيارة يقوم بها الملك الحسن الثاني ملك المغرب مع الرئيس، لقد بدأت لطهي ل الملك - في إطار التحضير له بدأت من خلال دراسة الطواجن (وعاء من الفخار المميز فوق الجلالة له أعلاه) الذي هو أيضا طبق خدم في وعاء والماء زهرة البرتقال والكسكس والشاي بالنعناع والحمص واحدة من الاكثر شهرة. الطواجن هي طاجن الدجاج والبطاطا والزيتون. ويتأثر المطبخ المغربي من قبل البربر وطهاة البحر الأبيض المتوسط ​​والمطابخ الملكية في فاس، مكناس، مراكش، الرباط وتطوان. وتشمل النكهات مخلل الليمون وزيت الزيتون الباردة ضغط، غير المكرر والفواكه المجففة . ويزعم البعض أنه متبل بشدة، أو أكثر من المواد الغذائية في الشرق الأوسط ".

President Clinton invited His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco to Washington for a State Visit on March 15, 1995. The two leaders discussed ways of strengthening bilateral ties and expanding cooperation between the United States and Morocco. They focused on the situation in the Middle East, particularly Morocco's important role in the peace process and progress following the Middle East/North Africa Economic Summit in Casablanca in 1994. In light of His Majesty King Hassan II's position as then President of the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Countries, they also discussed the role of Islamic nations in world affairs. This was the first meeting between President Clinton and His Majesty King Hassan II.  Chef Marti's studies became valuable after the Camp David portion of the visit was cancelled, and instead, was conducted in Washington only.  "I enjoyed cooking for King Hassan and so did all of my friends (and shipmates) who ended up eating his majesty's food!  I had wished he would have slept a few nights at the Camp David Resort - as I was so psyched about his impending and wonderful visit.  Morocco is well known as one of the strongest allies in Africa and the Med."  

دعا الرئيس كلينتون جلالة الملك الحسن الثاني ملك المغرب إلى واشنطن لزيارة دولة يوم 15 مارس 1995. وناقش الزعيمان سبل تعزيز العلاقات الثنائية وتوسيع التعاون بين الولايات المتحدة والمغرب. ركزوا على الوضع في الشرق الأوسط، ولا سيما دور المغرب الهام في عملية السلام والتقدم في أعقاب مؤتمر القمة الاقتصادية للشرق الأوسط / شمال أفريقيا في الدار البيضاء عام 1994. وفي ضوء موقفه جلالة الملك الحسن الثاني في ذلك الحين رئيسا للقمة ، أنها ناقشت منظمة الدول الإسلامية أيضا دور الدول الإسلامية في الشؤون العالمية. وكان هذا أول لقاء بين الرئيس كلينتون وجلالة الملك الحسن الثاني. أصبحت الدراسات طاه مارتي في قيمة بعد أن تم إلغاء الجزء كامب ديفيد للزيارة، وبدلا من ذلك، أجريت في واشنطن فقط. "لقد استمتعت الطهي للملك الحسن وكذلك فعل كل من أصدقائي (وزملاء الملاح) الذي انتهى تناول الطعام جلالته كنت قد تمنى انه كان ينام بضع ليال في منتجع كامب ديفيد -! كما كنت psyched جدا حول له شيكة وزيارة رائعة. المغرب كما هو معروف واحدة من أقوى حلفاء في أفريقيا والبحر المتوسط ​​".

Her Majesty Queen Rania and His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Royal family including Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah whom Marti also served

Captain Derek Hesse shows His Majesty the nuclear powered USS Kamehameha submarine 

Fresh chickpea, tomato and feta salad in the walled fortress

Royal Jordanian guard

The Treasury at Petra

Skiing in the hot sands - it was not as easy at it looks for Chef Marti!

Real Henna tatto of Jordan

Hand decorated Henna of Jordanian Beduoin Nomads

Authentic Henna tattooing is practiced and perfected in the deserts.  Historically, Henna was used for cosmetic purposes in Ancient Egypt, as well as other parts of North Africa, West Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Near East and South Asia. It was also popular among women in Iberia and 19th-century Europe. Today, bridal henna nights remain an essential tradition in many of these areas.

After leaving the White House Military Office (WHMO) in 1996 (Marti initially was recruited in 1992) cooking US State Dinners, being the Executive Chef of Camp David and managing the resort - he reported to the USS Springfield (SSN 761) a hunter-killer, advanced 688 class nuclear submarine where the crew won the NEY AWARD and silver cup for the world in 1998 - and then, Commander Submarine Group Seven in Yokosuka, Japan. Living in Japan he learned quite a bit of Japanese, but his Admiral, Joseph J. Krol, Jr. asked him if he could also learn some Arabic and assume the role of Public Affairs Officer (PAO). Commonly being held by a commissioned line officer, his role would be to pave the way with several visits by the Royal family of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to meet military Americans onboard our nuclear fleet of submarines. Along with Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore, the Jordan–United States Free Trade Agreement would be established with King Abdullah II.

A crew and their chefs would be the first to visit under Marti's purview with their submarine and crew, the USS Scranton. They had no idea the PAO for half of the world was also a Chef! Cultural relations and food are fundamental in this part of the earth. The Jordan–United States Free Trade Agreement would become a success for America and Jordan. Utilizing the strategic port of Al Aqaba (featured in Lawrence of Arabia) became a massive goal for the two countries. It connects Jordan to the world.

Today Chef Marti and Stormy teach many Arab delicacies in their classes.

The United States–Jordan Free Trade Agreement was signed on 24 October 2000 by President Bill Clinton and His Majesty King Abdullah II and was the first free trade agreement (FTA) the United States signed with an Arab country (and the fourth FTA overall behind Israel, Canada, and Mexico). Products have to be composed of a minimum of 35% Jordanian content to be eligible for trade benefits. Furthermore, the Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZs) established in 1996 under President Bill Clinton allowed products manufactured in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, or the West Bank and Gaza to enter the United States duty-free. This was a long-term dream project of President Clinton and Marti's new role as Public Affairs Officer in Jordan was momentous. To be contributing to President Clinton's team from across the world was unique and a real honor. The U.S. House of Representatives ratified the FTA on 31 July 2001, and the U.S. Senate ratified it on 7 December 2001; both were by voice vote, an indication of its widespread support. Former President George W. Bush signed the United States–Jordan Free Trade Area Implementation Act into law on 28 September 2001. It was implemented by both countries on 17 December 2001. Unlike many trade agreements, the U.S.–Jordan Free Trade Agreement enjoyed widespread, bipartisan, and multisectoral support. Proponents pointed to the reduction of customs duties and other trade barriers as a boon for exports. More importantly, the U.S. government looked to the political gains to make the FTA worthwhile; economic benefits for U.S. businesses, if any, were expected to be small. Ideally, the "economic linkages" generated by the FTA would "normalize strained relationships and offer institutional mechanisms to resolve and prevent political disputes." This, in turn, would act as the "turning point in which hope begins to replace the despair on which violent extremists breed," as Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs William Burns put it. The assumption was that in the course of jointly controlling and evaluating rules of origin, Jordanian and Israeli customs officers would engage in interpersonal interactions resulting in understanding, if not friendship. In other words, the U.S. government has adopted a neoliberal worldview that believes stronger economic relations will bring about peace and stability in the Middle East.

For this reason, the chefs have continued to follow His Majesty King Abdullah II, his wife Queen Rania al Abdullah and named their daughter after her. They advocate tolerance in world religion and teach Arab foods. They have attempted to also help Queen Rania through the Jordan River Foundation with limited success.  We hope for better breakthroughs in the future. 

Marti published two articles for the US Navy as Public Affairs Officer with Commander Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ), Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY), Commander Submarine Group Seven and Commander Task Force 54 on these visits and the historic FTA. Additional work of his was utilized in Jordanian and US newspapers.  Journey deep into the rose-red city of Petra, with Chef Marti here.  Over 2,000 years ago, the Nabataeans created Petra—the city of stone. Journey behind the iconic facade from the movies, and discover one of the great wonders of the world, forgotten by time itself.

The first nuclear submarine to visit The Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with Marti as PAO for CTF-54, was the USS Scranton.  The second, which Marti escorted, was named after the former King of Hawaii. Read the stories he published on the USS Kamehameha and the USS Scranton (downloadable in Adobe .pdf format).

Deep in country Dubai

Marti wearing (left) the keffiyeh or kufiya كوفية red and white shemagh mhadab.

His Majesty meets another sailor while onboard the USS Kamehameha

At the top of the staircase with Raiders of the Lost Ark

In the caravan

Royal forces

At the top of the staircase in Petra - the lost city, Jordan

Discussion and conversation in Bahrain

Deep into the desert and through the sand storms to Sheik Ali's private town.  Marti with his keffiyeh on dines and eats on the desert floor with the locals

The famed Maglouba dish cooked in a pot and then turned upside down onto a dish on the floor

With Sheik Ali (center in white) as an invited guest to his private, desert town wearing his keffiyeh (Marti left)

Emad Al Jayah, his children and mother in a traditional Jordanian home with gold furniture and red velvet cushions.

Dessert in the desert is served!

Marti's guide (left) Emad Al Jayah, Master Chief Daryl Brandt, Marti and the owner of AVIS Jordan.

Visiting the Oval Office with Bill. Marti's biography on is available here.  He welcomes you to LINKUP.

About Chefs Marti and Stormy in Asia

About Chef Marti while living in Japan and coordinating Asian country interests in business for the United States of America

Visiting a country is thrilling to be driven everywhere, watch the bands and performances and enjoy the dinners every night but actually does not allow for a deep and true understanding of the people.  They often will not express themselves honestly until getting to know you for quite some time.  This includes the two-month vacations, all over Europe and Asia, sight-seeing.  Most often the complete interactions held are talking with servers, resort staff and shopkeepers (in each case selling items and looking to receive cash payments from you) not actually meeting the real families and spending long periods of time with them.

Living in a country for at least one year often begins to reveal the truth of how they feel about America and the world, what their real customs are - and troubles.  Dignataries flying in to 100+ countries most often completely miss the truth, issues and real concerns of an entire race living there.  Their "10-day visit" to the country reveals high-level talks only, and often, agreements.  Yet they never came to know the real people, nation or families.

After two years, Marti received his first invitation visit inside a Japanese home. Behind the iron veil it is one of the highest honors to be asked to visit a private commoners home and eat a meal.

Due to his successes with the Japanese public, in representing American interests as the Commander Submarine Group 7 and Commander TaskForce 54 Assistant Chief Public Affairs Officer (APAO), he was later elevated to the position of PAO.  When Admiral Joseph J. Krol, Jr. elevated him, Chief Mongiello mentioned, "but this is the position of a commissioned officer."  The Admiral stated, "you have deeply impressed the simple Japanese people, numerous business leaders in this country and the government leaders - Marti, you've got the job."

Marti soon became highly sought after to negotiate large contracts as a portion of 2.6 billion USD in food purchases across that half of the world.  As one of eight TOP CHEFS responsible for 95 million meals per year and 6400 chefs he often wore a blue ball cap with gold lettering on its bill in capital letters, BOTTOM CHEF. This stirred up quite a dustball of questions from fellow chefs, owners and restaurateurs.

As Marti gave presentations in Singapore, Guam, Japan, South Korea and many other locations his responsibilities increased until being promoted to TOP CHEF of the entire Pacific Fleet with 37 nuclear submarines and several ships under him on half of the earth.  Marti was well recognized as a contracting expert and negotiator.  His greatest strength always has been a huge, magnanimous prescence as a LEO.  Yet his loving and respectful ways of learning a countrys language, all mannerisms, becoming their customs and unique bodily movements as well as eating and cooking their favorite dishes score very high points.  Marti teaches to understand you must live with the lower and middle class of that country - one cannot succeed in a lasting arrangement only brokered via high-level cabinet talks.  You must learn their religion and language first - your deal will come after.  Given the multi-billion dollar responsibilities he held in his young 30's - and American interests as a Public Affairs Officer, many have asked how he was so successful.  Marti often states, "by not acting like a totalitarian invader, master and police officer on earth.  I study all of their customs, bowing and finger movements at times for up to two years.  I cannot tell you how many times what Americans have done with their fingers that has ruined a deal.  And then they call us to help restart."

Once Marti retired in 2004 (he was 39), he began leading trade missions into Asia with Chef Stormy.  They assist clients desirous of selling consumer product goods (CPG) worldwide. They also consult at resorts, hotels, inns and private estates in the matters of food, service standards, design, team growth, leadership and management.

Marti felt very fortunate to cook for Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto (above) and reflected on it with prayers when visiting with Chef Stormy at Jojoji Temple in Tokyo.  Due to this honor, Chefs Marti and Stormy were also welcomed to Katsunoma Wine Region west of Japan as special guests of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA).  Below they are featured with IFSEA Tokyo President Mitsumi Ubukata (middle and right) inside the VIP lounge of All Japan Chefs Association which Marti is a LIFE member of in WACS..

Senior translator and CPA in Japan, Yasuyuki Okamoto (left in green) continues to lead the way on all missions.

Several trade members typically meet with Chefs Marti and Stormy (left) in different countries.  

The presentation of Christian Easter baskets is had at the American military hotel, The New Sanno.

On this particular trip with association members from IFSEA, WACS, ACF, VFW, AL and TAC we went to the wine region.

An understanding and trade meetings was completed in Katsunuma, Japan.

This award winning wine region is just west of Tokyo by an hour to 1 1/2 hour drive.

A special gift amongst best friends for life.

Some graduating ladies wanted to get their photo with Chef Stormy one week.  A few of them also asked if it would be okay to touch her skin and face, they were so nice.  Colonial dress is often worn on holidays in Asia as a sign of gratitude and respect for history.  In America the general popultion does not typically dress up for the 4th of July in costumes.

In Seoul, South Korea at the International Exhibition Center with the state of Georgia.

Cooking at live shows each week during the day, visiting client accounts by night.

Parmigiano - Reggiano being featured from Italy!

An interesting fact is that Marti wears the US Navy Surface Warfare Qualification pin, earned onboard the USS Detroit.  Marti also served on the USS Frank Cable and had the USS Emory S. Land in one of his squadrons.  Marti was flown to be operated on the USS Saipan while in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Marti has the rather rare distinction of also wearing the Submarine Warfare Qualification pin earned onboard the USS Sunfish, a nuclear powered, hunter-killer, 637 class.  He was stationed onboard six submarines of USS Lapon, Hyman G. Rickover, Asheville, Springfield and Key West.  He had 37 submarines under his control as Top Chef of the Pacific while living in Hawaii.

About Chefs Marti and Stormy in Europe

The Flower Carpet in the Grand Place of Bruxelles (Brussells) - Belgium

Both Marti and Stormy have visited Europe and discovered its treasures and tastes of the streets, farms and dairies.  While Marti was living there for many years, he was again managing a private estate for the United States as he had done in Asia.  "Working as a direct representative for the American people overseas - for so many years was an honor," Marti often relates.  Marti lived near the forest of Tervuren, by the King's summer palace, Prince Laurent and his family.  Marti was knighted in Belgium, on his knees on the altar, at St. Peters Church into the order of St. Thomas More on October 20, 2001.  Grand Knight Gerald Kelberg last visited him in America in 2013 for several days. 

Over the course of several years in Europe, Marti studied first-hand the actual and true cuisines, farms, wineries, buchers, cheese masters and dairies.  Something few White House Chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers can ever state having done for years; being in the military and retiring from such, living in Asia, Europe and North America - while working for America.

"Once 9-11 came we brought on defensive teams and more bullet-proof cars, uzi machine guns at the main estate and military working dogs.  My time working with ASF and Marine FAST Company for the CINCS Conferences came in handy.  One of my greatest strengths was hardening targets and protecting families in so many little ways having owned my private investigative firms, alarm and security companies in Virginia Beach, Charleston and Pensacola."  The spy vans he built via his two companies of The MCM Security Group and Aegis Security International were for the Mobile, AL County Drug Task Force, Thermal work for the Virginia Governor's Special Crime Unit and bugging and tapping classes taught to Virginia Beach Police detectives and PI's were well known in the newspapers, security industry magazines and on television.  "When I received orders to use my skills from higher authority it all came in handy.  I had been put onto a number of specialized missions and programs from authorities few would ever have the clearance to know about - despite how high their rank was. Watching military personnel think I was just the stupid cook in a dumb white jacket was always a real gas as agents and I sat in the office reviewing their testimony filled with lies and falsehoods.  They always thought I would never find out or the lies would not come out into the open.  People and interrogations are hilarious. Drumming them out, ending their careers and court-martialing them was how they were handled by the system.  I often had the best cover in the world - "the dumb-ass cook," and was sent to assignments under such cover to flush game out and into the court martial, official admonishment, policy change or NJP.  The officers who handled things correctly - were promoted and rewarded.  For me it was always an honor to protect, and to handle any compartmented case and investigation.  In Belgium, like the White House, Camp David and Japan - a number of people tried to test our security protocols for the food being cooked, kitchen, security grid, codes, shape-shifting, travel teams for attack via assassination, poisoning, detonation or saturation and digital penetration nodes.  They had their asses handed to them as no attack or kill cycle ever occurred on my watch - despite how hard they tried from assorted one-off operatives or entire hidden cell teams."

In 2002 he was showcased and honored on Brussels TV and Vitaya Worldwide stating, "In caring for the private homes of officials, cooking and serving dinners for the many dignitaries, handling luncheons at NATO-OTAN headquarters for America and also cooking large parties of several hundred guests - my teams main goal was always to share the beauty of our cuisine and its story with the world."  Being featured as a knight on TV - across Europe, and as an American military chef and estate manager truly was a highlight.  He had previously been featured on the Armed Forces Network at SHAPE and NATO-OTAN.

Mochi pounding and sushi classes taught in Europe

Chef Marti often teaches in several languages

The mochi hammer!

The famed, "Billy Goat Bar," where humans try to race the beer drinking goats.  "Trust me, you will lose.  I watched 300 pound men who could inhale a beer from across the room lose.  I watched heroes, beer masters, guzzle kings and more try to bet and win.  They all lose.  The goat drinks a 64 ounce beer in 4 seconds flat.  You will lose.  And you will lose the $500.00 USD entry fee no matter how many times you keep trying - poof, $6,000.00 is now gone..."

Visit from the National Defense University of the United Arab Emirates to NATO.  25 Apr. 2014 featuring the, "Deathstar," out on the front lawn of the headquarters.

زيارة من جامعة الدفاع الوطني لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة لدى حلف شمال الأطلسي. يضم "Deathstar،" خارج على الحديقة الأمامية للمقر.

Visite de la National Defense University des Emirats Arabes Unis à l'OTAN. Avec le "Deathstar», sur la pelouse devant le siège.

Foreign Medals received by Chef Marti

TOKYO, JAPAN - The culinary world, in beautiful Japan, endowed a tremendous award on chef, Martin CJ Mongiello, LEC, MCFE, CHM, CPFM. The top chefs of All Japan Chefs Association (AJCA) bestowed an honorary lifetime membership and gold medallion to Executive Chefs Martin Mongiello and Rick Scott on Behalf of AJCA President, Shiro Deguchi.

The award was given at a gourmet dinner on April 28, 2000, in the American Room of the internationally acclaimed Tokyo American Club (TAC) and was attended by several top chefs from America and Japan

Chef Marti's name of MONGIELLO is featured under his initials of M.C.J. in reading the certificate from right to left.

In 2019, the AJCA affirmed it's 20-year old award by updating the medal with a new gold medal engraved and sent to the United States. The new medal was put on display in 2020.

A serial number (0558) was assigned to this medal as Marti had reported his previous medal was stolen at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. To prevent and inhibit such future activity, the AJCA engraved a serial number into the new gold medals.

The Iraq Commitment Medal is a military campaign award that was created on June 11, 2011, by the Government of Iraq. The Iraq Minister of Defense, Dr. Saadoun Al-Dlaimi offered the medal to Veterans of the Iraq War in a letter to the United States Secretary of Defense. The first award was presented and shown to then Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden.

With striking, Marti is eligible to accept such gift. The United States has not elected to strike such medal for the government of Iraq, but is reviewing the award. 

As of August 2014, the award has not just been approved for wear for veterans on official uniforms living inside of the United States. It is permissible to wear on veteran holidays on civilian clothing of veterans such as a suit. The Department of Defense made a statement that it is waiting for the initial group of medals to be received from the Government of Iraq. The first sample and award were presented to Vice President Joe Biden on Dec 1st, 2011. Marti received his medal in 2019 when Kennedy Insignia minted them and made them available worldwide in accordance with many of their Institute of Heraldry (IOH) previous Federal contracts.

The Commitment Medal is a gold-colored medal with enamel, 1 9/16 in diameter. On the front the relief of Iraq represents the area of operation. The lines symbolize the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, recalling Iraq’s title as “the land of two rivers.” The two hands superimposed over the relief symbolize the friendship between Iraq and her coalition allies. The star at the center top represents a vision of unity for the seven peoples of Iraq (Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Turkoman, Assyrian, Yazidi, Armenian) leading to a more secure, prosperous and free future for Iraqis. The inscription in both Arabic and English merge into a continuous circle symbolizing the closeness of Iraq and her allies. On the reverse side the rayed disc symbolizes the sun, optimism and Iraq’s future of reconstruction and the establishment of the democratic way of life. The relief of Iraq represents the area of operation. The lines symbolize the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, recalling Iraq’s title as “the land of two rivers.” The crossed scimitars recall the partnership between Coalition Forces and Iraqi Security Forces essential to bringing a democratic way of life to Iraq. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. It states JOINT COMMITMENT in both Arabic and English symbolizing the unity of effort between Iraq and her Coalition Partners. The palm trees along with the palm fronds on the front represent the sacrifices made by the Coalition Partners.

Unauthorized, medals for Marti and Stormy's US Navy Uniform

Marti received the Distinguished Service Medal from the State of New Jersey for his service in three combat theaters while on active duty during wartime and receiving an Honorable Discharge.

It is illegal to wear a state authorized, or state awarded medal, on a United States, federal, military uniform.

The Cold War Victory Medal is both an official medal of the National Guard and an unofficial military medal of the United States. It is awarded by the States of Louisiana and Texas, and in ribbon form only by the State of Alaska. In the medal's unofficial capacity, it can be purchased, but not worn in uniform. It may be worn by any member of the United States military, or civilian employees of the federal government, who served in their positions honorably during the years of the Cold War, specifically September 2, 1945, to December 26, 1991.  An official certificate was awarded by the US Congress to Marti and Stormy for their Cold War service. Over the years, bills have been introduced in five separate Congresses for the authorization of a Cold War Victory Medal or Cold War Service Medal.