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Join us in the newest PBS television series (starting on WHUT PBS Howard University, Washington, DC), for Taste the World, as Chef's Marti, Stormy, and Rania Mongiello learn about the most famous dishes, flavors, and recipes - one country at a time! Cruising around Washington, DC was never more beautiful for a former White House Chef bragging about All the President's Menus. Well, Hail to the Chef! Filmed by BRTV, LLC and Executive Producer Rodney Minor.
But this time, it's a bit different as each country shuts his mouth for him by inserting their most famed dish never known! The other two chefs, his wife Stormy (yep, that's her legal name so don't ask) and little whippersnapper daughter Rania (9 and a real pistol), are getting their "just desserts" also and have been cooking as a trio for years at the United States Presidential Culinary Museum. So when the USA bows and salutes embassy chefs, ambassadors, and the leaders of other countries - well you know it's gotta be tasty! And that's how this series works.

  1. Follow the chefs to the different embassies across Washington, DC.
  2. Be amazed about the architectural history of the buildings and the most famous Hollywood stars and glitterati to dine there.
  3. Meet the family behind the Ambassador and the top chef cooking dinners.
  4. Savor a quick shot on how they became so famous and got the job!
  5. See those countries' most famous dish prepared by their top chef and then enjoyed with a meeting of the Ambassador!
  6. Enjoy a snippet of those countries' famed attractions, museums, heritage, and major tourist sites to plan your vacation.
  7. Relish in two more episodes supporting tourism available on our website after the TV episode (not all countries will want to feature this extra level). Manufacturers, famous brands from that country, farmers, orchards, fisheries, factories, CPG companies, food products, wineries, spirits manufacturers, and tourism bureaus of cities and countries will be highly showcased when asked to film in that country (those two extra episodes!).
  8. Chop through to special opportunities to dine on that specific dish while vacationing around the earth. Oh, this is gonna be good! And clickity-click to super vacation deals offered by their ministry of tourism.

Traveling the earth one recipe at a time: Hail to the Chef!

You know Chefs Marti, Stormy, and Rania from several successful TV series of Inside the Presidents' Cabinet, Life in the Carolina's, and on CBS TV!
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